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​​​Diamond Steel Bullnose (Chevy)

2020-2023 Chevy 2500HD/3500HD
The Diamond Steel Bullnose Replacement Bullnose Bumpers are built on the premise that you can have both form and functionality, in the same bumper. Constructed with 11 gauge diamond plated steel and accommodating the factory fog lights, factory tow hooks, and the front parking sensors, these bumpers withstand off road abuse as well as head turning looks while on the pavement. They come standard in a gloss powder coat black but many customers have them custom painted to match their truck. *Does retain front parking sensors Approx: 140 lbs.

Price: $1,195

Part #: 600-22-0005

Hammerhead Bullnose

2020-2023 Chevy 2500HD/3500HD

Designed to be winch capable and stand up to the punishment of on-road and off-road driving. Accommodates up to four 3.25″ x 3.25″ external dimension cube after-market off-road lights. Reinforced to allow for extra strength while keeping the bumper as light as possible. The shackle mounts are a part of the mounting surface to the frame, extending through the bumper and are welded on the inside and outside of the bumper. The pre-runner style brushguard is made with 1.75″ x 0.120″ wall tubing and 3/16" plate steel. Will accommodate the front factory sensors. Will accommodate our Front Receiver Hitch (which takes the place of the winch). Verified to work with the following Warn winches: VR8000, VR10000, VR12000, M8000, XD9000i, XD9000, ZEON8, ZEON10, ZEON12, ZEON12-Platinum, M12000, M15000, and 16.5TI. Weight: 224 lbs

Price: $1,916

Part #: 600-56-0976

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Apache Bullnose

2020-2023 Chevy 2500HD/3500HD

The Apache Bullnose Replacement Bumper is built for the most discriminating truck enthusiast. It is almost endlessly customizable and serves as a functional heavy duty replacement for your factory bumper. The man hours spent constructing the Apache bumper are focused solely on producing a product that can stand the test of time during on and off road abuse. The bumper comes standard with the "A-Frame" grille euro bar and the standard finish is powder coat gloss black. Click "View All Bumper Options" Above to see more available accessories.
Price: $1,295 (click here to view bumper options)

Part #: AFR3420C

Demo Available: Factory fog light sleeves, "A-Frame" Euro bar, Front parking sensor accommodations: $1,595

2020-2023 Chevy/GMC 2500HD/3500HD

Bullnose Replacement Bumpers

Fortis Bullnose Base Bumper

2020-2023 Chevy 2500HD/3500HD
The Fortis Bumpers are a perfect sleek and close-fitting design not interrupting the lines and flow of your truck, but don’t let the look fool you, the Fortis Bumpers are a fully welded one-piece construction crafted from 6ga (YES, 6 gauge) steel and engineered for strength and durability. Fortis Bumpers don’t lack in the option department as well: It will accommodate a 20” Light bar, Four 3” Cube LED pod lights, parking sensor accommodations, and it has shackle mounts ready to work so you can customize to fit your needs and style.
Price: $745

Part #: 71-10447