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Diamond Steel Replacement
1999-2002 Chevy 1500/1500HD/2500LD

2000-2006 Tahoe/Suburban 1500
Built with weight and economy in mind, these bumpers are a little lighter duty than the full pipe bumpers but serve the same purpose, protection.  The sport look of the Diamond Steel bumpers allows the user a blend of form and function.  Although we cannot add a receiver, d-rings, or a winch mount to the Diamond Steel, it will allow you to retain use of your factory tow hooks and fog lights.  These bumpers are built with fully welded 11 gauge diamond plated steel and come with all necessary hardware for mounting directly to the frame of the truck, no drilling required.  Does NOT fit 1500HD   (Approx: 185 lbs)
Price: $1,395
Item #: 300-29-9005

Deluxe Front Replacement
1999-2002 Chevy 1500
The Deluxe is like no other bumper on the market, with a rigid pipe base that wraps back to the fender-well, tubular steel grille and light guards, and most impressive, it's sprayed with anti-rust primer before powdercoating.  It has a streamlined appearance, and comes standard with a high gloss black industrial powder coat that will compliment and strengthen the look of your vehicle. The Deluxe is built with strong 1¼" light loops and angular front protection plates for increased ground clearance.  *Specify if you have a Chevy or GMC, they are different part numbers.  Does NOT fit 1500HD.
Price: $1,795

Item #: TCC99101 & TCG99101

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Chevy Heavy Duty Ranch Bumpers
1999-2002 Chevy 1500/Suburban/Tahoe

Application Fits:

1999 Chevy 1500

2000 Chevy 1500

2001 Chevy 1500

2002 Chevy 1500

2000 Chevy Suburban

2001 Chevy Suburban

2002 Chevy Suburban

2003 Chevy Suburban

2004 Chevy Suburban

2005 Chevy Suburban

2006 Chevy Suburban

Outlaw Traditional
1999-2002 Chevy 1500
2000-2006 Suburban/Tahoe 1500

Welded steel construction featuring  4" center pipe. These are the same bumpers that we install on oil field and natural gas pipeline trucks year after year.  They are made to take a beating and keep going. Customers tell us the only thing with body damage is the roadkill they leave behind.  Not having to deal with the insurance company is priceless.  Light guard bars are reinforced with a steel strap welded to the corner of the bumper.  Mounted directly to the truck frame.  All necessary mounting hardware included.  Does not retain fog lights or tow hooks, 2" receiver recommended.  (Approx 225 lbs.) Note: Does not come with off road lights shown. Chevy trucks only, does NOT fit GMC nor 1500HD. Tahoe/Suburban does NOT have the steel punch plate in the lower portion of the bumper. ​
Price: $1,095

Item #: GC99101
Available Option:    2" Receiver - $95

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Hammerhead X-Series
1999-2002 Chevy 1500

Built with fully welded plate steel and finished with a durable black textured finish, Hammerhead bumpers were born with a backbone of quality.  Hammerhead bumpers are 100% made in the U.S.A. of top quality 3/16" reinforced plate steel. The shackle mounts, welded front and back, are an extension of the frame mounted brackets to offer maximum strength when you need it most.  This bumper has it all. Standard features include: winch ready (up to 16,500 lb Warn), 'built-in' off road light compatible (up to 6"), shackle mounts. Does NOT fit 1500HD. Weight: Approx 205 lbs
Price: $2,393
Part #: 700-56-0010