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Custom Ford Two-Tone Powdercoat

If setting your truck apart from the 'herd' is your goal, look no further.  These custom powdercoat finishes turn heads.  Choose from three different finishes available to match the Ford two-tone color for your year truck.  Pale Adobe - Pueblo Gold - Arizona Beige.  This finish also includes a clear coat to help protect the finish from the elements as well as give it a high gloss shine. *Requires wooden crating 
Price: $Call for current pricing

Bird Bars 
Our 'bird bars' redefine full front protection.   These 3/8" solid steel rods are necessary for many of our northern customers who live in pheasant country.  They are fully welded to the inner upright steel support and the outer headlight loop.  This option is only available on the Deluxe Front Replacement and Outlaw Premium Winch Mount.

Price: $475

Front Bumper 2" Protruding Receiver
There are a few main reasons one would need a receiver on the front of a truck.  1. It allows for the use of a removable winch plate as seen here. 2. It allows for the use of a tow hook as seen below. 3. It allows for the use of many other after-market accessories such as an upright mount to hold extra long PVC pipe or extension ladder that you might have attached to an over-the-cab bed rack.​
Price: $145

White Powdercoat

If you have a white truck and you want the benefits of a heavy duty bumper but not the flash, this is it.  This finish is simply a white powdercoat that will blend your bumper with a white truck so much so that it is barely noticeable while driving down the road.  Keep in mind there are many shades of white and there is no guarantee that this white is exactly the perfect match to your truck white.  *Requires $450 Wooden crate for shipping protection. (We recommend having a local paint shop do this for you)

Price: $Call for current pricing

Winch Box
This CNC plasma cut winch box is unique from other winch boxes in that it allows "top load" winch mount orientation for ease of use.  This allows the user to easily monitor how the cable is spooling,  access the controls much more easily, and avoid submersion in water or mud. It is fabricated from thick plate steel and accommodates most winches on the market up to a Warn 16.5Ti and some larger 17,500 lb. winches.  This winch box is 29" wide and 9" deep from front to back.  Please specify if you have a tall winch as accommodations can be made.

​Price: $295

Deluxe/Apache Options

- Front Bumper Parking Sensor Boxes (Chevy/GMC/Ram)

- Cruise Control Radar Box ('17-'19 Ford Super Duty)
Although we don't believe parking sensors are necessary once you have a heavy duty bumper, if you do want to retain them then these sensor accommodations are a custom option.   The 2017-2019 Ford Super duty radar box is a partial steel enclosure that allows the relocation of the box.  Keep in mind our bumpers are built first and foremost with protection in mind... plastic sensor cylinders on (Chevy, GMC, and Ram) will likely need to be adjusted to find the optimum placement for reliable operation.  Re-calibration of the Ford radar box may be necessary.

Price: $265

Expanded Metal Grille Protection 
Our Expanded Metal Grill will protect your truck's front grill and radiator from debris, sticks, and branches. It is made from a ¾" #9 flat expanded metal sheet and is welded into the grill section of your bumper during manufacturing​
Price: $145

Welded Steel Light Tab 
Strong enough to stand on! Welded to the cross bars as an optional accessory, the light tabs are perfect for off road enthusiasts who want to mount large running lights to the front bumper. We can accommodate Rigid Industries LED lights or our own Torch brand.  If you have a different brand light that's no problem, we just need to know the spacing requirement on center however we do not guarantee perfect fit without the light in hand.
Price: $95/2

Bedliner Finish
The toughest finish available.   For those who need something that will offer far more protection than any other coating, this is it.  The extremely rough textured coating is sprayed, ON TOP OF the anti-rust agent base coat AND the original gloss black powdercoat, totaling three layers of protection.  We generally recommend this finish to customers who live up north in the snow and salty roads but it is also very useful for those who constantly drive through brush and small trees. Includes $450 wood crate for shipping protection.

(we recommend you have a local bed line shop do this)

Price: $950

3/4" Steel Shackle Mounts
For serious off-roaders, our shackle mounts offer additional towing points on your vehicle and a great place to attach a winch cable back to the bumper when using a snatch block (pulley). These are ¾" CNC plasma cut steel tabs welded on to the pipe base with 1" holes to accommodate any of our heavy duty ¾" shackles.
Price: $185/pair

There are many options available for each bumper, please call (855) 286-7379 to place your order!

Prepped Raw Steel or Primer Only

Plan to have someone paint, powdercoat or bed line your bumper locally?  No problem. We can send it to you primed or in non-coated RAW steel at no additional charge.  Please specify whether you plan to have it painted or powder coated locally. 

Price: No additional charge

Front Bumper Flush Mounted Receiver
Same uses as above...**NOTE: The shank of your accessory must be pinned from the back of the pipe, accessed from the bottom of the bumper, and requires at least 5¼" of unobstructed shank from pin hole to ball mount platform or any gussets. This is to allow it to pass through the 4" pipe base and be pinned on the back side of the pipe base.

Price: $145

Custom Fog Light Sleeve to fit factory or LED   
So that you can keep the factory fog lights on your truck, a plasma cut hole is made and a hand formed steel tube is welded in its place. Custom fabricated brackets are welded to the diamond plated steel to hold the lights as if they were mounted in the factory.  This keeps your lights protected and gives you that clean sleeve look. Our secure mounts show how we take the extra steps to give your new bumper a truly custom look for your factory lights.  We also now offer custom sleeves for Rigid Industries 4" and 6" LED lights, which are by far the highest quality light on the market today.​
Price: $195