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Running Board Information

Please read this before purchasing:

Our running boards are not plastic.  They are steel pipe and diamond plate.  They are fully welded, not stitch welded.  They are one full length, not many pieces bolted together.  They are powder coated and oven cured at high temperatures, not painted.  The steel is too thick to chrome.  This extensive process and solid length of the steel presents many challenges in manufacturing and at the end of the day these running boards are not going to be 100% exactly perfect at every metric due to this process.  There are and will be variances over the length and width of these running boards, typically anywhere from zero to just under an inch.  These running boards are designed to shed water.  They are designed to hold A LOT of weight and take abuse.  They bolt to the cab bolts of the frame, not the pinch weld under the door.  They are designed to be a heavy duty replacement application for the thin chrome factory steps.    If you have questions please feel free to ask.