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Rear Bumper Reverse Sensor Accommodations

Available on our "build to order" Traditional Rear Dually Wrap, Deluxe Rear, and Deluxe Rear Dually Wrap bumpers.  These sensor accommodations allow the owner to re-use the factory sensors. They allow near flush mounting of the sensor apparatus to be housed in a machined steel sleeve.

Price:  $265

Traditional Hoop Steps

Available on custom built Traditional Rear Bumpers and Deluxe Rear Replacement bumpers for single rear wheel trucks only. These side steps, made with 1/2" thick steel rod, are the most practical and easiest to use steps available on a rear bumper. These steps will help make things easier for you if you're tired of ripping your jeans or scraping your leg getting in and out of your truck.

Price: $175/pair

Flush Mount Single Row Wide Beam Lights 
Available on the Traditional Rear Dually Wrap, Deluxe Rear Dually Wrap, Deluxe Rear, and custom built Traditional Rear bumpers only. These lights are some of the cleanest looking, sleekest, newest, brightest rear bumper lights on the market. With the necessary holes already fabricated in the diamond plate, simply install and attach lights with two included bolts and gain a wide field of light transmission.
Price:  $288/pair
Fabrication price to allow instant mount: $95

Flush Mount Cube Work Lights 
Available on the Deluxe Rear Dually Wrap for dual rear wheels and Deluxe Rear for single rear wheels. The bumper must include a 10" Drop which generally puts the integrated 2" receiver on the Deluxe Rear at or near the approximate height of the factory receiver.  These lights are some of the cleanest looking and brightest rear bumper lights on the market. Simply attach lights with four included bolts into the diamond plate skirting of the bumper and gain a hybrid spot/flood beam light transmission.  

Price:  $288/pair

Fabrication price to allow instant mount: $95

There are many options available for each bumper, please call (855) 286-7379 to place your order!

White Powdercoat

If you have a white truck and you want the benefits of a heavy duty bumper but not the flash, this is it.  This finish is simply a white powdercoat that will blend your bumper with a white truck so much so that it is barely noticeable while driving down the road.  Keep in mind there are many shades of white and there is no guarantee that this white is exactly the perfect match to your truck white.  

Price: $895

Rear Bumper Options

Bed Access Hoop Step

Playing off the popularity of the Deluxe Side Hoop Step, these solid steel rods welded at 4 points each allow for sure footing when entering the bed with the tailgate raised.  

Price: $175

Custom Ford Two-Tone Powdercoat

If setting your truck apart from the 'herd' is your goal, look no further.  These custom powdercoat finishes turn heads.  Choose from three different finishes available to match the Ford two-tone color for your year truck.  Pale Adobe - Pueblo Gold - Arizona Beige.  This finish also includes a clear coat to help protect the finish from the elements as well as give it a high gloss shine. This price includes a $250 wood crate for shipping.
Price: $895

Deluxe Side "Hoop Steps"

Only available on Traditional and Deluxe dually wrap bumpers. For those who want form and function in one convenient step, this is without a doubt the heaviest duty step you can get. Welded steel pipe and 12 ga. diamond plate step surface make this the only step of its kind in the industry.

Price: $275/pair

Flat Black Wrinkle Finish
Over the years, bumpers have become more sophisticated, and so have our customer's preference in bumpers.  For those who want to further set themselves apart, not only in the quality category, but also in the appearance category, this is one finish to give some serious thought.  It is our tough wrinkle powder coat finish.  It has a rough sand paper like feel and doesn't produce glare like the standard high gloss black powder coating does.  It is also not quite a thick as the bed liner finish.  This price also includes a $250 wood crate for shipping. 

Price: $795

3/4" Steel Shackle Mounts
For serious off-roaders, our 3/4" wide shackle mounts offer additional off-road tow points on your truck and a great place to attach a winch cable back to the bumper when using a snatch block (pulley). These are ¾" CNC plasma cut steel tabs welded on to the pipe base with 1" holes to accommodate any of our heavy duty ¾" shackles.
Price: $185/pair

Bedliner Finish
The toughest finish available.   For those who need something that will offer far more protection than any other coating, this is it.  The extremely rough textured coating is sprayed, ON TOP OF the anti-rust agent base coat AND the original gloss black powdercoat, totaling three layers of protection.  We generally recommend this finish to customers who live up north in the snow and salty roads but it is also very useful for those who constantly drive through brush and small trees.  This price includes a $250 wood crate for shipping.

Price: $795