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Evolution Winch Mount Front Replacement
2019-2022 Dodge Ram 1500
Need an internal winch mount for your 2019 half ton Ram? This is the one to get. The Evolution Replacements are manufactured with a heavy 10 gage flat plate steel base for maximum protection. They are frame mounted. Large steel support bars on the back side are also welded from the center bumper frame support to the outer portion of the bumper in front of the fender well for added strength and increased rigidity. The most distinguishing characteristic of our Evolution Series is the extreme craftsmanship put into the fit and finish of every unit. Don't have a winch now? No problem. Each of these bumpers comes with a removable flush mounted access plate so if you don't have a winch no one will know. Simply unbolt the plate and mount your fairlead in place of the plate when you get a winch. Standard features: Built in winch mount to hold up to a Warn 16.5k winch (excludes Power Plant), retains LED factory fog lights, shackle mounts, and the standard finish is black wrinkle industrial powder coat.  Important note: This bumper does NOT retain the round halogen fog lights and does not retain the front parking sensors.  It also does NOT fit the EcoDiesel.  The Evolution bumper as priced is included with winch access holes on the front of the bumper. Approx 235 lbs.

Price: $1,595

Part #: EFR19015D

Dodge Heavy Duty Ranch Bumpers
2019-2022 Dodge Ram 1500 Front Replacement Bumpers

HD Pipe Bumper

2019-2022 Dodge Ram 1500

Beef up the front end of your half ton with the HD Pipe Bumper. Form meets function with this bumper... Traditional styling with the 4" pipe, angled skirting, and 3 headlight bars to help protect the plastic piece beneath the headlights. This bumper also gives the user greater capability with the 2" receiver. Retains camera and parking sensors. Only fits factory LED strip fog lights. - (Excludes Rebel and 2019+Warlock package)(does NOT fit round fog lamps)

Price: $1,095

​Part #: HD12270RC

Elevation Series Front Replacement

2019-2022 Dodge Ram 1500
Flat steel for an OEM look
Will accommodate most 20” Double Row lights
E-coated and powder coated
Retain your factory tow hooks, fog lights, parking sensors (does not guarantee performance of sensors since OE bumpers differ in look and style) and license plate
Texture Matte finish
Price: $1,095

Part #: 60-12270C

Diamond Steel Replacement
 2019-2022 Dodge Ram 1500 
Built with fully welded, thick 11 gauge diamond plated steel and tubular steel pipe to meet both the needs of farmers wanting to keep cows from crushing the plastic in their grille during feeding as well as those wanting to turn heads driving through the city.  This bumper sits closer to the body of the truck than most other "pipe" bumpers.  The contour of the bumper compliments the lines of the grille and headlights to keep the front of your truck from looking too beefy.   Many customers feel the fit and look is so good that they have it custom painted to match the color of their truck.  This bumper does not allow you to retain the factory tow hooks but does retain factory fog lights. It also retains the front parking sensors.   It comes with all necessary hardware for mounting directly to the frame of the truck.  IMPORTANT: Will not fit  sport or express models. (Approx: 185 lbs)
Price: $1,395

Item #: 300-41-9004 

Outlaw Premium
2019-2022 Dodge 1500
Need something bigger and more traditional for the front of your Ram 1500? This is it. Our best selling Outlaw Premium for the Ram half ton going to turn heads and give you much needed protection for the front of this truck. Over the past decade this bumper has proven itself countless times. Fire Departments, oil and gas companies, the U.S. Department of Interior, power line companies, cross-country hot shot drivers, and the back roads 3rd shift commuters all rely on this bumper to keep them moving because time matters most. Full welds are a staple throughout this bumper making it structurally stronger and more resistant to the elements. Thick expanded metal grille protection, 2" receiver (welded on front and back of the 4" pipe), and fog light sleeves for the LED factory fog lights are all standard. Angled diamond plate steel lower provides maximum ground and tire clearance with a center lower cross bar to provide drive line protection for the undercarriage. Finish is gloss black powder coat. Headlight bars are 1.25" OD which is larger than the industry standard size. The outer headlight loops are connected to the base of the bumper with a thick 3/8" steel gusset welded on both sides to provide added rigidity to the outer portion of the brush guard and added protection for the headlights.   Important note: This bumper does NOT retain the halogen fog lights and does not retain the front parking sensors.  It also does NOT fit the EcoDiesel.  Comes with all necessary hardware for mounting.  Approx 240 lbs

Price $1,295

Part #: TFR19015D