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X-Series Front Replacement
2020 Chevy 2500HD/3500HD

Designed to be winch capable and stand up to the punishment of on-road and off-road driving. Accommodates up to four 3.25? x 3.25? external dimension cube after-market off-road lights. Reinforced to allow for extra strength while keeping the bumper as light as possible. The shackle mounts are a part of the mounting surface to the frame, extending through the bumper and are welded on the inside and outside of the bumper. The X-series style brushguard is made with 1.75? x 0.120? wall tubing. Will accommodate the front factory sensors. Will accommodate our Front Receiver Hitch (which takes the place of the winch). Verified to work with the following Warn winches: VR8000, VR10000, VR12000, M8000, XD9000i, XD9000, ZEON8, ZEON10, ZEON12, ZEON12-Platinum, M12000, M15000, and 16.5TI
Price: $2,393

Part #: 600-56-0975​

Ranch Hand Legend
2020 Chevy 2500HD/3500HD​

Available with or without the camera cut, please specify upon order if you have a camera.  Ranch Hand's Legend Front Bumper provides maximum protection for your vehicle with the standard 4" schedule 40 pipe.  It also comes standard with 2" receiver, sturdy frame mounting and a super polyester black powder coat finish.  **MUST SPECIFY IF YOU HAVE FRONT CAMERA OR ADAPTIVE CRUISE.  Approx: 289lbs.
Price: $1,620
Part Number: FBC201BLR - Chevy

Elevation Front Replacement

2020-2021 GMC 2500HD/3500HD

The Elevation Series is a sleek looking flat plate steel Heavy duty bumper. The Elevation Series is E-coated and powder coated matte black for enhanced protection from the elements. It carries a manufacturer 2 year warranty. This bumper retains the front parking sensors, factory tow hooks, fog lights and has a place for a license plate AND accommodates most 20" LED light bars.

Price: $1,095

​Part #: 60-10465C

Available For:​

2020 Chevy 2500HD - 2020 Chevy 3500HD

Outlaw Premium
2020-Current Chevy 2500HD/3500HD

Over the past decade this bumper has proven itself countless times.  Fire Departments, oil and gas companies, the U.S. Department of Interior, power line companies, cross-country hot shot drivers, and the back roads 3rd shift commuters all rely on this bumper to keep them moving because time matters most. Full welds are a staple throughout this bumper making it structurally stronger and more resistant to the elements.  Thick expanded metal grille protection, 2" receiver (welded on front and back of the 4" pipe), parking sensor accommodations, and fog light sleeves for the factory fog lights are standard on the Outlaw Premium.   Reverse angled diamond plate steel lower provides maximum ground and tire clearance with a center lower cross bar to provide drive line protection for the undercarriage. The standard finish is gloss black powder coat that will compliment the color of any truck. Retains factory tow hooks. The outer headlight loops are connected to the base of the bumper with a thick 3/8" steel gusset welded on both sides to provide added rigidity to the outer portion of the brush guard and added protection for the headlights. The bumper is frame mounted using existing bolt holes.   Comes with all necessary hardware for mounting. ​
Price: $1,195 

Model #: Chevy TFR201C 

Diamond Steel Front Replacement

2020-Current Chevy 2500HD/3500HD
Built with weight and economy in mind, these bumpers are designed to be a little lighter than the 4" pipe bumpers although they still serve the same purpose…protection.  This bumper sits closer to the truck than most others also.  This bumper allows retained use of the factory fog lights, tow hooks and front sensors.  It is built with fully welded 11 gauge diamond plated steel, comes with all necessary mounting hardware and mounts directly to the frame of the truck.
Price: $1,295
Part #: 300-22-0005

Chevy Heavy Duty Ranch Bumpers
2020-2021 Chevy 2500HD/3500HD

Commercial Series Pipe Bumper

2020 Chevy 2500HD/3500HD

The Commercial Series Front Bumper Replacement offers the classic look and durability of a  pipe base bumper while retaining the front park assist sensors and camera (please specify if you have a front camera). Constructed of schedule 40 4" pipe, the commercial series bumper can withstand maximum impacts yet is still appealing and has sleek lines that match the truck. Modern technology allows for no-drill installation  while maintaining a snug fit to your truck.

Price: $1,495

Part #: 170-22-0007 (specify if you have a camera)

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HD Pipe Bumper

2020 Chevy 2500HD/3500HD

Diamond plate & schedule 40 pipe used in production for strength - Engineered for fitment, installation, strength and durability - Convenient 2" receiver - Punch plate grille protection - E-coated & powder coated for added durability - Semi-gloss finish - Keep your factory tow hooks, fog lights, & license plate - Supports Front Emblem Cameras (with removable front panel: see image) - Supports front parking sensor applications.

Price: $1,095

​Part #: HD10447RC

Ranch Hand Summit

2020 Chevy 2500HD/3500HD

Available with or without the camera cut out.  The Summit Front Bumper was designed for versatility on both 3/4 and 1 ton trucks. Due to its reduced weight it has become a very popular option. The diamond-plate steel body and complementing grille guard provide exceptional wrap around protection. This bumper weighs 199 lbs. It is front parking camera ready. It is front parking sensor ready. This bumper retains the factory fog lights.

​Price: $1,399

​Part #: FSC201BL1

Outlaw Premium w/ Winch Mount

2020-Current Chevy 2500HD/3500HD
Trusted by loggers, firefighters, linemen, oil field pipe-line welders, heavy equipment operators, park rangers, hunters, and many other hard working Americans.  This bumper provides simple access to the winch when you need it most.  The winch sits higher and the line on the winch drum is visible making it easier to focus on the task of winching.  Full, clean welds are a staple throughout this bumper making it structurally stronger and more resistant to the elements. Thick expanded metal grille protection, 2" receiver beneath the winch mount, 3/4" shackle mounts for towing, and fog light sleeves are standard on this bumper. Angled diamond plated steel lower provides maximized ground and tire clearance. The finish is achieved through a multi-step coating process which includes a primer base coat. The finish is gloss black powder coat that will compliment the color of nearly any truck. Frame mounted using existing bolt holes.  Add $265 if front parking sensor accommodations are needed.
Price: $1,595

Part #: TFR2020WMC